Frequently Asked Questions

Ticket Questions

Tickets can be bought either direct with the NSMA HQ by emailing: or you can go to eventbrite:

If you are unable to attend you can pass your ticket or tickets to other people. On the night we will scan the QR code that is on your ticket and you will be given another pass for the night. Once the QR code has been scanned no one else will be able to use that ticket again. Once someone has been given a pass to enter the NSMA that pass will be allowed in and out when needed but no pass or no QR code you will not be allowed back into the venue. 

All tickets that are purchased are non-refundable at all times with no exceptions. We however will look at individual cases as they happen. If we do issue refunds it will be under the following terms.

Within 3 months of the awards 75% refund

Within 2 months of the awards 50% refund

Within 1 month of the awards 25% refund 

Within 2 weeks before the awards no refund at all. 


Yes! If you purchase any ticket other than a VVIP you will be able to upgrade it to a higher value by emailing or via eventbrite 

You will need to contact us directly on We do not advise you to buy a ticket to someone under 18 years old as we cannot safely say if they will be allowed to attend currently. However, get in contact directly with us and we can find out for you. 

You can buy as many tickets as you like! On eventbrite you will only be able to buy 10 at a time. We would advise you get in contact with us as we will work out the best options for you and your guests. 

Sponsorship Questions

As a sponsor you will be sat automatically either on a VVIP or VIP table. Regardless you will be the closest to the stage and you will have other influencers and celebrities on your table with you. 

Depending on your sponsorship package you took will depend when you need to attend to set up at the NSMA. Please get in contact with the agent you signed with or your appointed NSMA Representative to find out more. 

You will receive your tickets no later than one month before the awards. This is so we can make sure that you are sat on a table closest to the stage. 

You will need to contact your NSMA representative to let them know this is what you want to do. The NSMA charges $250 per photographer and Videographer to attend. The reason why we charge for this is we are not in control of the content created and they do not work directly for the NSMA. 

Other Questions

Yes! We will always aim to fill our Red Carpet with as many press and media from all over the place to document everything that happens. 

Yes! everyone apart from thous who purchase Stand up Tickets will get a good bag. 

Yes there will be hotels surrounding the venue and this will be disclosed in due course. 

The venue is normally announced 3 months before the date of the National Social Media Awards. This is so we can make sure we secure a big enough venue according to our ticket sales and guest RSVPs. 

If you have any other questions you need answering please email us at