Nominations Instructions

To be eligible for nomination at the National Social Media Awards you must have the following:
• At least 100k authentic followers on at least one social media platform. (Accepted platforms are: Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube).
• Have at least 2% of your total following in engagement. For example you have 100k followers and an average of 2k authentic likes per post.
• Be able to attend the National Social Media Awards in the area nominated in. (If unable to attend the nomination will not be counted).
• If you have less than 100k followers you can still be eligible provided you have a minimum of 2k authentic likes as an average on your posts.

How to get nominated guide
To be nominated you need to choose from the categories listed on our Instagram page @officialNSMA. Once you have decided which you would like to go for, you need to do the following:
• Share the picture of the category you wish to be part of on your stories, and feeds.
• Get your followers to like the post, and tag your name in the comment section of the post on the @officialNSMA page. (Tags and comments on your own social media platforms do not count).
• Share the post at least once a week to keep reminding your followers to nominate you.

How we choose the nominees
Nominations will finish 5months before the awards date. At this point the National Social Media Awards will shortlist the top 6 mentioned nominees for the next stage of voting. The top 6 nominees will be chosen from the top 6 names tagged on each category post.

Rules and regulations
• Nominees must not cross-brand the NSMA with any other brand unless it is a sponsor of the NSMA. If you cross-brand you will be disqualified.
• Every post surrounding your nomination needs to tag the @officialNSMA instagram.

Terms and Conditions
Followers can tag you as much as they like in the nomination stage. Each profile that nominates will be verified to see if they are authentic. If a nominee has more than 3% fake profiles liking and commenting on any NSMA post they will be disqualified from the awards present and future.

Contact Informations
National Social Media Awards Limited, Kingsley House, Suite 307+311, 37-45 Balmoral Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME74NT.

Shortlisting Instructions

Once you have been shortlisted we will send you a specific post for which you can share. This post will have the brand partner of your category shortlisted within. You will need to promote this post and ONLY this post. 

You can post the content we share with you anywhere you like. However, when sharing or posting you must tag the @officialNSMA and the brand partner of your category. 


At this point you have been nominated and shortlisted to win a NSMA Award. This means you are now at the last stage of the NSMA process. All you need to do is win voting. To win voting you need to do the following:

  • Post regularly the post we create of you being shortlisted. 
  • Tag the NSMA and the Brand partner in every post
  • Get your followers and fans to like the post and comment your name on the post. 
  • Get you vans to click on your link and vote for you. You will be given your own link to be able to do this. 


This person with the most Likes, Comments and clicks on the link given will win the NSMA category and subsequently the Award. 


Any fraudulent comments, likes and clicks on the link will automatically be disallowed and the nominee will be disqualified. We will share all the statistical data to all nominees to show transparency in all the awards. 

We also use to research and monitor all influencers and nominees social media profiles.