Refund Policy

Sponsorship Refunds

Once a brand partner has agreed to go forward with the National Social Media Awards London, Los Angeles or both a contract will be sent across along with the invoice for the value of the sponsorship. Once the invoice has been approved and paid no refunds will be given or permitted in order to secure the position of the company and brand with the year of which the brand/services has agreed to. 

Deposits of sponsorship

There will be no refunds on deposits or payment plans if a client desires to cancel from the National Social Media Awards. If the full balance of any payment plan is not paid at least 3 months prior to the National Social Media Awards then their sponsorship will be cancelled by the NSMA with no refunds payable back to the brand partner. This means that any payment plans must be paid in full, at least 3 months prior to the National Social Media Awards they signed for within that territory.

Ticket Refunds

Once a ticket has been purchased regardless of any circumstances it will be none refundable. This also applies if you purchase a ticket through a third-party such as an NSMA ambassador or Eventbrite.

Disputed Refunds

If a refund has circumstances that are beyond control of either the sponsor or the ticket holder then the National Social Media Awards will take each case on a case by case basis to determine whether a refund is refunded back. The National Social Media Awards is not opposed to refunds but also needs to protect the operation of the awards to secure its own finances and payments. 

Mother Nature and/or uncontrollable circumstances

Mitigating uncontrollable circumstances that prevent the National Social Media Awards in any of its territories from operating will not warrant an automatic refund and therefore if the National Social Media Awards has to cancel, postpone, or reschedule its events then an automatic transfer of tickets, sponsorship and/or any other product provided by the National Social Media Awards will come into effect. This means you will be transferred onto the next available National Social Media Awards in your chosen territory originally purchased. If we are required by law to provide a refund then this will be given to you within the accepted allowable time instructed by law within the territory you sign up for. For example: You live in London and you purchased the National Social Media Awards Los Angeles. We will follow the legal advice and guidance of the United States legal body as you purchased for an event in the United States of America. Should their be any further information that is required please contact; National Social Media Awards Limited, Kingsley House, Suite 307+311, 37-45 Balmoral Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 4NT,